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Veronica K. Chilton is the founder of Shield Maiden Enterprises, LLC, and is dedicating her career as a Truth Seeker/Soul Keeper, leader of Shield Maidens everywhere. From tears to triumph, and in turning her wounds into wisdom, Veronica is an enthusiastic author of her upcoming teaching memoir, “Shrouded in Secrets, Volumes 1 and 2,” and its comprehensive guide, "The Shield Maiden's Handbook."Veronica also specializes as a grief therapist, workshop presenter and keynote speaker.

Her memoir chronicles her becoming an expert on overcoming adversity from childhood abuse, including incest, betrayal, and near death experiences, arising from recovered repressed memories to find her assertiveness and independence.


As a knowledgeable guide, Veronica is passionate about empowering others in reclaiming their true images, and in improving their lives in self-worth toward wholeness.


"The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength within that survives all hurt." Inspirational quote by Max Lerner

Finding Her True Image


After her countless studies and caring for her father, who was suffering from a brain tumor, Veronica realized that her true calling as an empath was in working with others on a supportive level as a leader and Truth Seeker/Soul Keeper. Similar to a faith healer, an empath is intuitive, warm and compassionate, often dedicated to the welfare of others, who literally feels in her body what the other person is experiencing.  


After her repressed memories came to light, Veronica knew she had to involve herself in extensive personal inner healing work, and had to learn empathic protection techniques.   She was then divinely directed to assist others in prevailing over obstacles experienced in childhood and adulthood.


In her interdenominational ministry/counseling and grief therapy, she honors her commitment to all seekers of their truth, who believe in a mind/body/spirit connection, and who ultimately strive to live their own miracles.


By summoning the light and completing purposeful inner work, one can appreciate miracles. Veronica's acronym for the letters in the word, Miracles, is as follows:


M:  Medicine for the Soul

I:    Insights Abound

R:   Realize Your Truth

A:  Appreciate Abundance

C:   Cultivate clarity

L:   Live in Awe

E:   Envision Your Angels

S:   Seek the Sacred


According to legend, Veronica was the maiden who handed Jesus her handkerchief on his way to Calgary.  His likeness miraculously appeared on that handkerchief, after he wiped his face, thus she received her name.  In 2012, Veronica legally adopted her first name, which stands for one’s True Image.


As a grief recovery therapist, Veronica focuses on the healing of long-term effects of childhood abuse issues, such as the disease to please, frustration and disillusionment, all of which she has been personally familiar.  And here's the real payoff: she has moved herself and others to living lives of healthy self-esteem.


A perfect mix of traditional and contemporary, Veronica’s additional offerings on the path of esoteric development include Advanced Theta Healing techniques, and intuitive private Akashic Soul Record sessions, both multi-dimensional experiences.


Veronica’s early religious training began at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Wisconsin, the denomination in which she was baptized and confirmed.  At the age of five, Veronica experienced a near-death event, which encompassed a visitation by the Virgin Mother Mary, exclusively for her. At her Holy Communion at the age of seven, she literally felt touched on her shoulders by God’s loving hands through stained-glass windows of the church, a defining moment in her young life.  She stills possesses her candle and book displayed in a hutch many years hence.


At age 50, she was ordained as an interdenominational minister/counselor. Veronica was also fortunate to have received a blessing from India’s Living Saint, Amma, Mother of Grace in Chicago, IL.

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