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Professional Vitae

Business Experiences


Veronica’s entrepreneurial capacities have been eclectic spanning decades. A co-owner in an international fine arts business, she eagerly traveled the world. At the helm of her father’s

firearms profession, she led it out of the red in five months. As the first-born child, that business

was her responsibility, but it wasn’t her heart’s desire.  In the faith realm, she inspirationally

headed Invoke the Light Ministries. From fine arts, to firearms, to faith, now as a new author, she has created Shield Maiden Enterprises, LLC.


In addition to the financial turnaround from a six-figured debt in the firearms business, she

bravely fought lawsuits and won them, headed a white-collar crime investigation, survived an

ATF audit, and not one, but 4 IRS audits owing nothing to the government. She could enter any business or home and make sense out of its chaos. The same applies to her client’s emotions

and thought processes zeroing in on the deeper issues, as well as her problem-solving skills. 


As a hospice worker she was a grief companion caregiver to others at St. Mary’s Hospice, and

to three elderly family members, serving as either their powers of attorney and/or mediator of countless personal and business matters.


What Veronica brings to the table:


Association of Professional Speaker School of Wisconsin Graduate  

UWM - Study of Comparative Religion, Humanities courses – psychology, sociology

 and art history

Marquette University for Certification in Grief Counseling 

Pathways of Light Community Miracles Center Graduate as an Interdenominational Minister/Spiritual Counselor, and Officiate of weddings, baptisms and as a Funeral

 Celebrant of memorial services 

Ordained at St. Ann’s Church and Healing Sanctuary in Wisconsin

Horizon Home Health Care Hospice Work certification

Prepare-Enrich Certification for facilitation of couples’ counseling 

Facilitator of community-based grief support groups

Course in Miracles - A Foundation for Inner Peace – 4-year study

Task Force on Battered Women, 2.5-year study and participation in

Laurie Ingraham -14-week in the T.I.P. Process on Relationships

Anthony Robbins –4- DayUnlimited Power, the Fire walk Experience and Unleash the

 Power  Within

National Speakers Association Conventions

Great Lakes Writers’ Workshops at Alverno College

Woman Within Weekend International Graduate; Facilitated Trainer

Hypnosis & Wellness Training Center – Beginning and Advanced Hypnotherapy

 Certifications, Regression Therapy Training; Satori Hypnosis Weekend 

End of Life Coalitions of Southeastern Wisconsin

Center for Creative Learning – Taking It Lightly, Step Into the Light and

 Freedom from Childhood Issues – 3 Experiential Weekends

Gregory Burdulis - The Artist’s Way Intensive 12-week course

Human Design DNA 7-day course and correspondence courses

Kabalarian - 9 course Study of Life Analysis Training

Ellena Lieberman – Akashic Soul Teachings - Deeper Levels of Spiritual Perception and

 Advanced  Courses

Nancy Retzlaff  Reiki I and II levels;  Sonja Hallbeck - Reiki III

Vianna Stibal – Theta Healing DNA 1 and 2 Certifications, and Advanced Healing


Nick Ortner - Tapping Solution World Summit, EFT Technique 

Dr. Mitchell Gibson - Living Soul and Spiritual Power Series

Jojopah Maria Nsoroma – Living the 2012 Shift; Living a Higher Vibration Lifestyle  of

 The Dagara Medicine Wheel – Divinity Within, Personal Sovereignty, Interdependence,

 Sacred Contracts and Unity Consciousness

Hapacus – The Happiness Journey

Center for Higher Brain Living – Awaken Tier 1, 2 and 3 

Eckhart Tolle and Oprah 10-Week Webinar on A New Earth

Oprah – The Shadow Effect Breakthrough Program

Gregory Rosenberg - Flower of Life and 8-day Meditation course

Pandit Rajmani Tigunait – One-on-One Meditation

Traveled to Sacred Sites for Week-long Meditations in Chicken Itza and Tikal


In addition are the following noteworthy studies and experiential courses:


Religious courses: St. Germaine Discourses; The Kabbalah Code; The Gospel

of Thomas; Conversations with God; Exploring the Truth Retreat; Nine 

Portraits of Jesus; The Gospel of Thomas and Mary Magdalene etc.;

with God; Exploring the Truth retreat; Living Your Design, Truth, Fear and the

Enneagram; Nine Portraits of Jesus;

Advanced Energy Healing; Inspiration of Your Calling; Journey Along a Healing 

Pathway; Fall-Redemption and Creation-Centered Spirituality; Science of Light

Energy  Consciousness; From Spiritual Seeking to Spiritual Mastery;

Healing from Child Sexual Abuse: Break the Silence; Working with Adult

Perpetrators:  Child Sexual Abuse; Creating

Healthy Relationships, Healing the Shame that Binds You,;Championing Your Inner

Child; Living in the Growth Process; Incest and Sexual Addiction; Co-dependency;

Resentment/Forgiveness; Building Personal Boundaries; Enhanced Listening Skills;

Anger Management Skills; Successful Communication Skills for Women; Conflict

Model Exploration in Communications; Conscious Language; Radical Forgiveness; 

The Intuitive Advantage; Authentic Relationships; Enhanced Listening Skills; Anger

Management Skills; Successful Communication Skills for Women; Conflict Model

Exploration in Communications; Conscious Language Seminars; Radical Forgiveness;

The Intuitive Advantage; Authentic Relationships; Mastery of Emotions; Mastery of

Prosperity; Process of Changing Limited Beliefs; Speak with the Voice of Authority; 

The Power of Your Voice; Discover the Storyteller Within You; 21-Day

Transformational Author Teleseminar; 9 Myths of Memoir Writing; Become a  

Published Author; The Number One Secret to Becoming a Successful Author; 

Paths to Publishing and Helping You Succeed as an Author; 3-day Author U 

Conference; Reinvent Your Career at Any Age; Niche Publishing;  Design and Host

Your Own Online Courses; Find Sponsors to Fund Your Book Tour; Udemy Courses

and Blog Posts on Medium; Building Predictable Revenue Streams From Your

Website; Launch That Book!; Graphic Secrets to Creating Power Point 

Presentations; Social Media Success for Authors; Men's Warrior Group and mixed 

groups – facilitated shadow release work; Helping the Helper; The Listening

Heart; the Practice of Be Here Now; On Death, Dying, Illness and Grief; Death

is Not an Outrage; Loss of a Child; Loss of a Parent; Men and Grief; Suicide; Adult 

Children of Alcoholics; Archetypes and Sacred Contracts; The Spirit of Archetypes;

Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the Lesson; Coping with Guilt; Self-Talk; Creating 

Healthy Relationships; There’s More to Money than Dollars;  Using Your Words

Wisely; When Your Word Becomes Law; Getting What You Really Want; Time

and Stress Management; Assertiveness Training; 7 Secrets to Unlocking Your

Brilliance as a Woman Entrepreneur; The Action of Manifestation; Unlimited 

Abundance; Evolutionary Goddesspreneur Starter Kit – Business Planning; 68 Great

Tips for Customers; Marketing Results; Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul;

Brand Your Business; 7 Things Rich Authors Know; Get More Media Publicity;

Quantum Leap in Income; Thrive as an Author/Expert; LinkedIn Success; Websites

for Authors; 10 Smart Ideas for a Slightly Crazy World; Negotiating Your Way to

Better Pay; Women and Investing; Forward- Thinking Planning; Attracting Your

Soul Mate; Have the Relationship You Want - Targeting Mr. Right; Understanding

Masculine and Feminine Development; Secrets to Getting the Love You Want;

Getting the Love You Want; Breaking Free from the Baby Boomer Blues; 6-week How to

Make Peace with Food; Extensive Art Therapy; Bach Flower Remedy courses: Young Living 

Oil - Releasing Emotional Patterns; The Power of Receiving; Bashar; Conscious Healing – Quantum Energy; Healing with Angels, Receiving Communications with Spirit Guides and

Angelic Messages; Create the Life of Your Dreams; Dream Analysis; Handwriting Analysis;

Feng Shui; Qui Gong practice and study, Cultivating Health and Wellness; Manifesting and Abundance to name a few. Presenters of the above may be inquired about.


Veronica’s dedication to her own personal growth and offerings over the past 40 years has

allowed her to live in the present moment with clarity and wisdom in relationship to and

for her clients. 

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