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Fun Facts


At first glance, people think Veronica is writing in Aramaic or has the worst handwriting around. As a teen, she was taught Gregg Shorthand, using it as an invaluable tool throughout her life. This was essential in her many educational pursuits, and in her first job as a legal secretary at age 15, with a great on-the-job training she still practices today.


An artist in her own right of an adult self-portrait and adaptation of a childhood photo, Veronica’s creative side is also revealed as a flair for fashion and jewelry and an inborn talent for decorating. Her condo living room was featured in M Milwaukee magazine. She loves color, design, and texture perceiving the intricacies of a finished product.

Her detailed drawings as a child for social studies class as observed from Encyclopedia Britannica pages of the Mayan and Toltec tribes from the 6th to the 14th centuries, were often thought by others to be traced. They were not. The house across the street could not be traced. Those early studies spurred her interest, and a 30-year pursuit of international travel. Her first destination was to the Yucatan where those early tribes originally lived long ago.


At age 26, she became an international art dealer/entrepreneur. For a dozen years, she was blessed to travel to over 50 countries in the world opening her eyes to different cultures. She is particularly fond of Egyptian history and credits King Tutankhamen for her love of archaeological ruins and petroglyphs.


Although focused on tasks at hand, Veronica has a splendid sense of humor, easily laughing at herself for being human, and at television commercials, because of their claims. Men have complemented her on her spontaneous, hearty chuckling ability.


Veronica grew up with male relatives who were hoarders. One of her assignments as a child growing up in the home was to organize cupboards and drawers, which eventually led her to become an occasional professional personal organizer, ultimately transmuting energies of friends and family members in need of those services.  


She is keen on movies particularly from the 1940s with gorgeous, gifted actresses dressed-to-the-nines in shimmering gowns on the screen. Comfortable with many musical modalities, just don’t take her to a twangy country western concert, because her father was a jazz musician and taught her to "listen to the chord changes." tTogether they attended concerts with the likes of the late Count Basie’s Big Band, and to hear the late, great jazz singer, Eddie Gorme.


Veronica was born in the same city as Les Paul, who invented the first solid body guitar and neck-worn harmonica holder. Les Paul’s mother and Veronica’s paternal great-grandmother, who played the piano in her home, and

sang hymns together. Veronica’s maternal grandfather played cards with Al Capone. I guess you could say -we

had connections.


She is a proponent of physical rehabilitation having survived many injuries and returned to a reasonable exercise routine. She practices Yang style T’ai Chi, Qigong, aerobics, weight-work, and enjoys swimming, but not all at the same time or even in the same week. Life is interspersed with interruptions and curveballs. To find that balanced middle ground like the Buddha, of course, is ideal.

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