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As a means to counsel Shield Maidens universally, Rev.Veronica

uses her 2-book memoir, handbook, counseling, healing abilities,

webinars, podcasts and speeches to genuinely share her versions

of overcoming adversity and transcending tragedy in her life.

Loss of innocence at a very young age due to incest, physical

and domestic abuse, deaths, history of unhealthy adult

relationships, and betrayal at every passage color her offerings. 

Business and career obstacles were many, caregiving elderly

family members took time and energy, and dealing with her own 

physical issues affected her deeply. However, after her unwavering

commitment to surmount every personal concern, she emerged

triumphant, and so can Shield Maidens everywhere with the

willingness to heal under guided assistance.

As an Empath/Truth Seeker/Soul Keeper and Leader of Shield 

Maidens, Rev. Veronica’s aim is to mutually honor and respect her

fellow Shield Shield Maidens, while celebrating the human spirit in

Maidens, while celebrating the human spirit in diplomacy. Rev. 

Veronica applies it in her own life and business.

After working through emotionally challenging times, and while 

boldly recognizing and touching the cathartic excursion ahead 

for Shield Maidens as her purpose-driven cause, Rev. Veronica

creates an environment of safety and understanding. Her proven,

time-tested advice is what clients require to take steps that

frequently propel them in exciting and impactful ways.

Any Shield Maiden who wishes to:


Overcome past childhood and adult traumas,

Let go of associated pain and suffering,

Convert impediments into strengths,

Choose to consciously release the restricting past,

Heal in the present time, reclaim happy memories, and

Cultivate a solid basis for moving forward . . .

Will benefit from Rev. Veronica's rich insights and spiritual 

wisdom that can be administered immediately.

When Shield Maidens process their issues as a step in courage, 

they come closer to their true selves where clarity and comfort  

reside by moving from shame to sharing, to seeking, to seeing

on a profound spiritual level.

A divine spark in each of us needs to be set free, to awaken to 

one's true authentic higher self or True Image.That spark is within 

all Shield Maidens, that core where the light in one's soul can 

never be extinguished, and that can never be touched or 

harmed by unconscious people with hidden agendas and/or  

pressing addictions. That indestructible part, the true essence

of who we are in God, can prevail, which is the higher vision

of Rev. Veronica's and Shield Maidens' stories alike.

As a grief therapist, Rev. Veronica’s acronym for the letters in the 

word, G.R.I.E.F is Gaining Realizations Into Effective Feelings. 

This exhibits the process of worthwhile coping methods in order to 

to navigate life's hurdles. Schooled in The Course in Miracles, as 

an interdenominational minister, an intuitive Akashic Consultant 

and Theta healer, she encourages growth-oriented Shield to tour 

their own amazing, unforgettable pathways to success, and 

ultimately manifest personal breakthroughs and live bright,

healthy lives of intention and significance.

Hourly Sessions either by phone or Zoom - $100.00




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