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As a means to counsel Shield Maidens universally, Veronica K. Chilton’s memoir, “Shrouded in Secrets, Volumes 1 and 2," and its comprehensive guide, "The Shield Maiden's Handbook," is a genuine sharing of transcending tragedy in her life.  Loss of innocence at a very young age due to incest, physical and domestic abuse, deaths, loss of family to separation, a history of unhealthy adult relationships, and betrayal at every

passage color her book. However, inspirationally, she emerged triumphant, and so can Shield Maidens everywhere with willingness to heal and professional assistance.

Veronica’s diplomatic, expressive style and truth-telling candor produces an atmosphere

in which clients can speak from the depth of their souls, and receive advice to become

aware of their blind spots not found elsewhere.  Her proven, time-tested and from the 

trenches advice is what clients require to take steps that frequently propel them in significant, exciting, and impactful ways.


Having outlined her humbling experiences: facing her fears around suffering, shame and negative self-worth, the dismantling of blocks and limited beliefs, Veronica demonstrates examples of opportunities for growth and change, and surviving and liberating Shield Maidens by helping them in reclaiming healthy, happy memories and connections.


After working through those emotionally challenging experiences, and while boldly recognizing and touching the cathartic excursion ahead for Shield Maidens as her purpose-driven cause, Veronica creates a supportive environment of safety and understanding.


As a seasoned guide, Veronica’s treatment methods are both psychological and spiritual

with practical hands-on advice. Her catalyzing attention is on the healing of the long-term effects of childhood abuse issues, domestic violence, people pleasing and anger issues, as well as the healing of grief and coping with change and loss. She is personally familiar

with moving from shame to sharing, to seeking, to seeing on a spiritual level.


On behalf of Shield Maidens, Veronica goes the distance by serving as a therapeutic resource in her revolutionary approach to teaching healthy boundaries, improved self-esteem, assertiveness and forgiveness techniques.  Her undeniable qualities of reliability, validation of her clients, and making sense out of chaos in cutting through to the crux of

a problem, add value for Shield Maidens at every turn.

Veronica’s acronym for the letters in the word, G.R.I.E.F of Gaining Realizations Into Effective Feelings, exhibits the process of effective coping methods in order to navigate life’s hurdles.  As a gifted minister, grief therapist, intuitive Akashic consultant and

Theta healer, she encourages growth-oriented Shield Maidens to tour their own amazing, unforgettable pathways to success.


Any Shield Maiden who wishes to:


overcome past childhood and adult traumas,

let go of the associated pain and suffering,

convert impediments into strengths,

choose to consciously release the restricting past,

heal in in the present time, and

cultivate a solid basis for moving forward


will benefit from Veronica’s rich insights and spiritual wisdom that can be

administered immediately. When Shield Maidens process their issues, they emerge closer

to their true selves where clarity and comfort reside. Veronica provides Shield Maidens

a haven of relief, healing and peace of mind by being empathetic to their needs,

hopes and dreams, thereby lifting their spirits, and recovering their self-images to empower them forward.


Veronica contends knowledge of a divine spark in each of us that needs to be set free, to awaken to one’s true authentic higher self identity or True Image.  There is a piece within

all Shield Maidens, that core where the light in one’s soul can never be extinguished, and that can never be touched or harmed by unconscious people with hidden

agendas and pressing addictions.  That indestructible part, the true essence of who we

are in God, can prevail, which is the higher vision of hers and Shield Maidens’ stories

alike. Regardless of your history, as a Shield Maiden, you can, with commitment

and focus achieve self-confidence, autonomy, and live an endowed life.


As the Truth Seeker/Soul Keeper and Leader of Shield Maidens, Veronica’s aim is to mutually honor and respect her fellow Shield Maidens, while celebrating the Human Spirit. Veronica consciously walks her own talk, and uses it profoundly in her own life and business. In living her own divine truth as transparently as she can, Veronica offers up to Shield Maidens, her servitude in perpetuity.


As an authority in overcoming adversity, Veronica calls upon all Shield Maidens to rise

up with their invisible shields of protection, learn to become assertive, embrace radical forgiveness, and believe in the miracle of healing in spite of the odds.  Veronica’s heart-centered pledge is to make a positive difference in Shield Maidens’ lives.


With her ability to issue and transmit knowledge in an easy to understand manner, she directs clients to ultimately manifest personal breakthroughs and live bright, healthy lives of intention and significance.  What makes Veronica come alive is playing a vital role in generating new chapters in Shield Maidens’ lives one daring step at a time.


“Entering into counseling is a step in courage for reclaiming one’s life in relationships,

and learning tools for coping with life’s challenges.”

Relationship quote by Veronica K. Chilton

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