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The emblem on the book cover of “Shrouded in Secrets, A Memoir

of Hidden Treasures from Life-Altering Events," is taken from a

wall sculpture created by artist, John Petrey, made of a ruffled metal

bodice and softened skirt. The sculpture itself is hanging above Rev.

Veronica's computer as inspiration. 

The top part of the dress sculpture is constructed from Tiffany

green patina textured copper, and oiled Lokta Nepalese paper with

inlaid jute for the skirt. The designs are illustrative of the male/

female aspects of Veronica’s readers and clients she refers to as

Shield Maidens. She applies herself as Truth Seeker/Soul

Keeper, Champion of Shield Maidens.

In the inlaid jute square sections of the skirt as on the book covers

are topics of revelatory dreams, twin womb survival, triangles,

shadow identity, soul journey, assertiveness, inner healing work, caregiving, business challenges, illnesses, honor and faith.


The Shield Maiden’s Woven Metal Threads of Resilience express

the combined epitome of a Shield Maiden as sometimes vulnerable,

but honest in their feelings, as well as that of ultimately possessing

towering strength, insight and generosity of spirit.

Her 2nd memoir is entitled "The Priceless Truth, A Bold

Examination of Betrayal, Domestic Violence, Deaths and the

Opiate Crisis."  Her comprehensive guidebook, "A Shield

Maiden's Handbook" rounds out Rev. Veronica's bold destiny in

the series.


Rev. Veronica's greatest aspiration is to watch Shield Maidens open  

up to discovering their individual True Images and Soul Missions,

underneath their obstacles, developing grit and potential through

the healing of grief, and coping with change, loss and recovery.

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Rev. Veronica's book offerings are expressive of Veronica's riveting One Woman Journey about turning her wounds into wisdom, and tears into triumph. She survived life experiences of near death and redemption, wherein she faced peril, distress and trials for a higher purpose. 


Her first book chronicles transcending adversity from abusive relationships during childhood, including incest, betrayal and abandonment experiences arising from recovered repressed memories. As a result she found her specialized brand of assertiveness and independence.


Have you had a lifetime of constant challenges?

Has your pain and heartache imprisoned you?

Do you need to feel heard and understood?

Are you strong in your self-esteem?

Are your hopes and dreams not yet realized?

Do you wish to development more grit, character and determination?

Are you desirous of genuine, solid professional support?


If you answered yes to any of those questions or can relate to the premise of her books, you have come to right place. Veronica is here to assist you in your journey.


Shield Maidens can become freed in the grieving process. 

You can release resentment, blame and anger to open the door for blessings.

You can learn to stand up for yourself.

You can learn to love and trust, and

You can adopt the belief that the best is yet to come!

Veronica graduated and so can you, dear Shield Maidens, from a stigmatized shame-based personality full of unworthiness to one of self-actualization. From having no boundaries to creating healthy ones, from being codependent to interdependent, Shield Maidens can bring forth an educated consciousness in discharging the past with professional assistance

“As an authority in surmounting difficulties in life, and in challenging my fears in life, my goal is to empower Shield Maidens with practical information that can be immediately applied on a regular basis. Shield Maidens can first courageously take the sound steps to become psychologically healthy, to reclaim their lives, and to practice faith in themselves. Thereby, Shield Maidens will achieve a state of balance and peace of mind going forward in life.” Veronica K. Chilton


The original Shield Maidens were female Viking warriors who shed blood on the battlefield. In this world-bettering movement and cause, we as modern-day Shield Maidens wear an invisible armored dress of safeguard. Rise up with your invisible

shields of protection, learn to become proactive, and believe in the miracle of healing despite tremendous odds. Veronica’s heart-centered pledge is to make a positive difference in Shield Maiden’s lives.


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