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Theta Healings


Veronica Chilton has pronounced intuitive abilities due to not one but two near-death experiences.  She acknowledges God’s divine plans for her path in offering alternative multi-dimensional methods and services.


Certified in DNA 1 and 2 and Advanced Theta Healing Techniques as a facilitator, Veronica serves as the conduit between Source (God) and the client, witnessing and integrating information for the client in a unique experience of God’s unconditional love, insight and understanding.  DNA Theta is a soul healing performed on the level of the Creative Force.  This plane of existence is for instant healings and consults.


With assistance from a Theta healer, you can


  • choose your beliefs and consciously create your life

  • heal physical and emotional ailments

  • re-program yourself for abundance, success, love, happiness and anything your heart desires

  • reactivate your genes for youth and vitality

There are hundreds of possibilities available similar to those mentioned in the offering of Soul Consultations.


Soul Consultations


Veronica uses a series of prayers to open your records, and is grateful to be the link of both useful and inspirational messages for the client, a refreshing option to talk therapy.


What is a Soul (Akashic) Record Consultation?


It is the opening of your records containing the history of your soul journey.

It is making contact with your angels and spirit guides.

It provides insights and direction valuable in times of transition.

It provides assistance in clearing up obstacles in your life.

It accelerates your spiritual growth; can unlock your ultimate mission and path.


Benefits you will receive:


  • Automatic healing and release

  • Recognition of your gifts and abilities

  • Spiritual mediumship support

  • Release from past-life concerns

  • Reoccurring dream analysis

  • Insights regarding relationship, health and work concerns

All healings and consults are $100 per hour either by phone or Zoom.

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